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Lower ZUS contributions for the first three years of running a business. The government has a new idea.

The period of preferential payment of social security contributions will be extended to 3 years – proposed MRPiPS. The baseline would be 30 percent of the minimum wage in the first and second year of business and 60% in the third year.

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Poles are getting more entrepreneurial. The popularity of self-employment and the number of micro-businesses are growing.

Frustration, dissatisfaction and the need for independence are the main factors that motivate the Poles to set up their own business. Persons who choose to take such a step are aware of their competence, are not focused on deficiencies, are more prone to risk, and tolerate the possibility of error.

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Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Poland.

A limited liability company is an independent entity with legal personality. It is the most common type of company with legal personality in Poland. For entrepreneurs planning economic endeavours on a larger scale or connected with considerable risk, the choice of a limited liability company is usually very advantageous.

polish limited liability company

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