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Employees from Asia fill vacancies in Polish companies.

In Poland it is difficult for good and experienced welders. Unfortunately our schools do not prepare enough such specialists. On those of Ukraine we have no chance, because most of them employ Russian companies like Gazprom. So there are the Asian markets where the workers are good and they are now working in for eg. Saudi Arabia. It is only a matter of time before they are brought to us massively.

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Posted employees in the EU countries.

The freedom to provide services entails the right of traders to provide services in another Member State. This can consist in self-service by a self-employed person or on temporary assignment of employees. The principle of free movement of workers provides protection against discrimination in terms of employment, remuneration and other conditions of work and employment compared to nationals of that Member State.

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The Ukrainians buy the largest number of properties. They overtook the Germans and Brits.

Ukrainians not only work in Poland but also invest in Polish real estate. They are increasingly willing to buy apartments in Krakow. It also draws attention that the Ukrainian client mostly pays cash, is a young person and buys a small area apartment.

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Polish companies have to be prepared to hire various groups of employees.

Companies learn to cope with employees of different sexes, nationalities and ages. Diversity – specific “multi-cult” in human resources policy – can be a cure for labour market problems – according to experts.

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Belarusians are increasingly going to work in Poland.

The statistics of Belarusian foreign travels in search of work are changing. A few years ago, most people were going to work in Russia. Now, more and more often they are going to Poland.

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Foreigners in Poland – legal stay and work permit.

Poland is becoming an increasingly attractive country not only for our neighbors from behind our eastern border, but also for foreigners from distant states.

Voivods will receive an additional PLN 42 million to improve the service of foreigners who want to legalize their stay in Poland and obtain a work permit. The number of cases with which foreigners turn to voivodeship offices is constantly increasing. Polish Office for Foreigners informs that in the first half of 2017 applications for residence permits in Poland were submitted by nearly 90 thousand foreigners. That’s 42 percent more people than in the corresponding period of 2016 and 87% more than in 2015.

Residence in Poland

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New opening in traffic without Visa to Poland – liberalization of regulations.

This time, the liberalization of the regulations in obtaining visa to Poland concerns Ukrainian citizens. More than 2300 foreigners who crossed the Polish border over the last 24 hours have benefited from liberalized visa regulations. On the 11th of June the visa requirement for citizens travelling to the European Union has been lifted. They can enter the Schengen zone without a visa for 90 days – within half a year – for business, tourist or family purposes.

Visa free within European Union

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Immigration to Poland after Brexit?

Days after the British referendum regarding withdrawal from the European Union hundreds of questions arise. Among countless issues the United Kingdom might face, drain of qualified employees might be one of the most painful ones.  It’s widely known that UK has a high percentage of immigrants from outside of the European Union and these people will now be seeking new places to work in. While some might come back to their home countries, many will consider working in other EU countries, including Poland.

Immigration to Poland

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