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An employee may or may not agree to have his or her salary transferred to a bank account.

The employer can not require the employee to set up a bank account for the payroll. Insisting on it, breaks the law. Then the injured person can report the case to the National Labour Inspectorate and apply for compensation. In exceptional situations, the boss can even be punished for his persistence.

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Posted employees in the EU countries.

The freedom to provide services entails the right of traders to provide services in another Member State. This can consist in self-service by a self-employed person or on temporary assignment of employees. The principle of free movement of workers provides protection against discrimination in terms of employment, remuneration and other conditions of work and employment compared to nationals of that Member State.

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Company law

Company law is the law which deals with the creation and regulation of business entities. The most common forms of business entity are companies and partnerships.

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