Tag: Business Intelligence in Poland


Dividend – an alternative to small gains from bank deposits.

Many investors in the world and now also in Poland buy shares of companies and treat them as a long-term opportunity to earn. Not only at a rising price – it is not always so – but often at the dividend. What is this specific reward from the company’s profit?

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Poles are getting more entrepreneurial. The popularity of self-employment and the number of micro-businesses are growing.

Frustration, dissatisfaction and the need for independence are the main factors that motivate the Poles to set up their own business. Persons who choose to take such a step are aware of their competence, are not focused on deficiencies, are more prone to risk, and tolerate the possibility of error.

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Business Intelligence – new quality of management.

Capturing and processing information today is the key to success for many businesses. Whoever has the knowledge – wins. Managers are looking for solutions that will allow them to catch up with the overwhelming data of the most important, properly interpret and use them effectively. Business Intelligence is the answer to these needs.

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