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Record number of foreign companies in Poland.

In 2016,  7.1 thousand new companies with foreign capital participation appeared in the National Court Register. It’s a record of all time.

The number of registration of polish companies in the National Court Register (KRS) proves that Poland is still an attractive market for foreign investors who see in our country the potential to make money.

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Steady increase of foreigners doing active business in Poland.

Year after year, the immigration wave intensifies, not only people looking for a job in Poland but as well the number of companies run by foreigners is increasing.

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Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Poland.

A limited liability company is an independent entity with legal personality. It is the most common type of company with legal personality in Poland. For entrepreneurs planning economic endeavours on a larger scale or connected with considerable risk, the choice of a limited liability company is usually very advantageous.

polish limited liability company

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Constitution of the company

As part of the registration procedure both public and private companies must provide a constitution which sets out the powers of the company and allocates them to the company’s organs, usually the general meeting and the Board of Directors. This constitution consists of two documents: the Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association.

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